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Architecture, Design, Building Construction, Interlocking Stabilized Soil Blocks, Alternative Building Technology

Meet TpESTATE Architecture and design team. Where tradition meets innovation in the realm of civil architecture and design. Our commitment to sustainable practices, heritage appreciation, and Eco-friendly techniques ensures that every structure we conceive stands as a testament to both the past and the future.

Floor plans, elevation plans, service plans, interior and exterior design, 3D modeling, 3D Rending, 360 Virtual Tours.

we’ve been at the forefront of merging tradition with innovation, all aimed at creating a sustainable future

We prioritise energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, and use of renewable resources by incorporating environmentally friendly materials and techniques during construction to minimise our carbon footprint

Our homes are built using the Interlocking Building Technology based on the Hydraform and Eco-Machine Interlocking Blocks.

We own two machines and manufacture our blocks to the specifications of the structures.

70% of our blocks are are used internally and the other 30% sold to private clients we build for.

Two types of blocks are manufactured. Hydraform blocks produced using Hydraform’s patented machine. and Eco block produced using Eco-machine from Brazil


We are reimagining the future of architecture and eco-friendly buildings in Sierra Leone. Think beauty, affordable luxury, high quality, durability, reliability, affordability, local content and above all, a sustainable lifestyle.

Master planning, material selection and sourcing, training, building and more. We are the leading ABT firm in Sierra Leone

Biodigester systems have become increasingly popular as a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for waste management, especially for toilets. We use the syetem for our homes and save more than 60% in total cost of ownership for septic tank based toilets. Add the health benefits and the no smell to the list. You will never go back to septic tanks.

We can help with assessment, design and installation, user training, regular maintenance and inspection, advocacy and education,  integration into existing infrastructure and more.


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