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Kent, Banana Island, Mile-36, and Lungi - Sierra Leone

35 miles east of Freetown, at the very southern tip of the Freetown Peninsular in Sierra Leone.

Escape the noise from Freetown, live close to heritage history sites, enjoy pristine white sand beaches and surfing, and visit Banana Island for sport fishing, water sports, whale watching, scuba diving and snorkelling.

The eco-living oasis at Kent, Freetown peninsula, Sierra Leone

Dublin is one of three islands that make up the Banana Islands; Known for its large beaches, hills and fishing.

The inhabitants of Dublin are mainly the descendants of freed African Americans, West Indians (mostly from Jamaica) and liberated African slaves who were resettled on the Banana Islands in the mid 19th century

A sustainable gated community on Masiaka-Yonibana Highway. 36 miles from Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone, and 4 miles from Masiaka town, Port Loko District

Designed to meet the demand for more affordable urban housing. Versatile open plans with 2-3 bedrooms, and 2.5-3 baths.

Lungi Tagrin is 7 miles away from the Lungi International Airport (FNA), serving Sierra Leone. The Ferry operates from Kissy terminal and Government Wharf terminal in Freetown to Tagrin terminal to access Lungi and places north of Sierra Leone.

It’s a less than 20 minutes boat ride to nearby Tasso Island (A beautiful, peaceful 4 miles square island in the middle of the Sierra Leone River Estuary) and Bunce Island (one of the most important historic sites for African Americans in Africa

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