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Banana Islands, Kent Beach, Bureh Beach, Mama Beach, John Obey Beach, Tokeh Beach, River #2 Beach and more

Banana Islands - Dublin, Ricketts and Mes-Meheux

Historical sites on these islands are linked to the colonial times and the slave trade and can provide a glimpse of the past of Sierra Leone. The Island was one of the main slave trade centers along with Bunce Island and Plantin Island.

Dublin Banana Island Tour

Kent Village & Beach

Historic village and former slave port founded for the resettlement of Black British slaves. Almost 220 years old with graves of the early resettled slaves, the King’s Well, and the basements that slaves were kept in until the boats arrived, St. Edwards Anglican Church that slavers attended for worship.

York Village

Another historic village were liberated slaves who served Britain in the Napoleonic wars settled in 1819. In 1880 York had the biggest canoe fleet, fifty one vessels, on the Peninsula

Mozza Resort at York

The Pristine Beaches

A long stretch of pristine beaches; Kent Beach, Bureh beach, John Obey Beach, Mama Beach, Black Johnson Beach, Tokeh Beach, River #2 Beach, Sussex Beach and more.

Guma Lake

The area is the last piece of moist closed forest in western Sierra Leone, possibly the furthest west in the Upper Guinea forest region. It has steep terrains with various streams, some flowing year-round while others are seasonal. The reserve contains the Guma Valley and Congo dams, providing water to Freetown and nearby areas on the peninsula.
Mambo Waterfalls​

Mambo Waterfalls

The Mambo waterfall is a captivating destination for hiking enthusiasts, adventure lovers, and anyone seeking a respite from urban life. It’s accessible and suitable for children. Situated in the Mambo community’s mountainous region, reaching it involves a thrilling trek through hilly terrains, showcasing nature’s remarkable beauty.

Western Area Peninsula Forest

The Western Area Peninsula National Park, located at the peninsula’s core, is a biodiversity hub in the country. It shelters diverse wildlife, including western chimpanzees, various monkey species, Jenkins duikers, and even leopards. The forest is home to 316 bird species, including endangered ones like the green-tailed bristlebill and white-breasted rockfowl, one of Africa’s most at-risk birds
Western Area Peninsula Forest
Play Video about Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Located just on the outskirts of Freetown, in the Western Area Peninsula National Park, Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary was founded in 1995 by conservationist Bala Amarasekaran and his wife Sharmila. Initially established to enforce wildlife laws and rescue and rehabilitate critically endangered orphaned Western chimpanzees, Tacugama has grown into a diverse conservation organization.

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