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3D-printed house made with dirt

3D-printed house made with dirt

The first 3D-printed house made with dirt. The 3D-printed house took 60 cubic meters of natural material and 200 hours to build An Italian architecture studio and 3D printing company have teamed up to create the first 3D-printed house made from dirt. The environmentally friendly place took just 200 hours to complete. It has a stout shape and curved walls that look remarkably like a sea urchin. The...

Eco-1000 on Plot 1

Advantages of building a home with interlocking stabilized soil blocks (ISSB) like the Hydraform blocks

Building a home with interlocking stabilized soil blocks (ISSB) like the Hydraform blocks we manufacture offers several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness, high thermal performance, durability, and community empowerment. Cost-effective: Interlocking stabilized soil blocks (ISSBs) are made from locally available materials, such as soil, sand, and cement, which can significantly...

Eco-1000 on plot 1

What’s the difference between Unstabilized compressed earth blocks and stabilized compressed earth blocks?

First, both of them are construction materials made from natural soil. Usually sandy-loam soil – a type of soil that contains a mixture of sand, silt, and clay particles. Both are compressed using a manual press or a hydraulic press like the Hydraform machine. However, Unstabilized earth blocks and stabilized earth blocks differ in terms of their properties and the methods used to produce them. Here...

“Building a Brighter Future: How Alternative Building Technologies are Transforming the Construction Industry”

In an ever-changing world, technology is becoming increasingly important in the construction industry. From autonomous vehicles to robotics, the latest advances in technology are revolutionizing the way we build. With the world’s growing population and the need to reduce carbon emissions, alternative building technologies are poised to play an increasingly essential role in the future of...

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