TpEstate Provides Housing Solutions Using The Eco-Friendly Hydroform Blocks In Sierra Leone

TpEstate is a real estate development company and manufacturer of eco-friendly Hydroform blocks. Over the past 1 year, the company has embarked on Hydroform brick production and estate development.

The CEO of TpEstate Mr Tamba Lamin said the company is set to provide real housing solutions for people with low budgets, but need durable and eco-friendly homes.

He explains that the company operates two business models.

First, TpEstate build eco-friendly houses for sale or rent to clients, in what is referred to as a ‘Sustainable Community’. These houses come with added facilities like electricity, water supply, cable TV connection, internet connection, a garden, biodigester toilet, etc.

Clients wanting to buy any of that house can either pay in full or pay a 45% deposit and pays the balance within a 5 year period.

The second model is for customers who don’t want to buy a house in the Sustainable Communities, but have their own land and want to use the eco-friendly Hydroform bricks. TP Estate will design a plan for them, do an estimate of the construction, and construct the house on the customers’ lands.

TP Estate currently has 3 sites. One located at Mile 36 on a 3-acre land, about 25 homes will be built there. The second site is at Kent Village on a 1.3-acre land, in the Western Rural Peninsula. It will contain 6 houses for sale, a swimming pool, a playground, a garden, and about 10 one-bedroom chalets for rent and vacation purposes. And the third site is at Lungi Targrin on a 2-acre land. It will also hold about 15 eco-friendly homes and about 10 chalets for vacation.

Tamba Lamin further explains that the prices for the said homes range from $40,000 to $128,000.

For enquiries, contact:

Head Office: 13 Hill Cut Road by King Harman Road Junction


Or Call: +23276617550

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